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Henry Dietrich's Drawings and Cartoons

Christmas Card Cartoon of Mr and Mrs Dietrich

Illustrator, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Annual San Francisco Bay Area Gourmet Guides, San Francisco Chronicle, 1957-1959
60 pages, a dozen cartoons and the cover, in the style of Ludwig Bemelmans

Cartoon man with a funnel in his head

Numerous special supplement covers for auto shows, hi-fi expos, entertainment guides, book reviews, etc.

Unlike his paintings, his cartoons are intended to be commentary and attitudes toward specific social phenomena.   Their purpose as sidebar to news stories was the opposite of his purpose in painting. 

Hundreds of published cartoons and line illustrations for newspaper articles, editorials, columns, new items, arts and dining events, reviews, letters, covers, only a handful with text or dialogue, only a handful with political comment or criticism

Dietrich had a vast repertory of styles and figures, reminiscent of other cartoonists in America.  But his composition was always original and his humor unable to miss.  Almost all are signed, but none dated, as they appeared in the Chronicle’s pages.  Standing alone, most lack the specific meaning intended to be derived totally from the text story they illustrate.  But, compositionally, they are excellent.

Cartoon of people speaking animal languages



Cartoon at top of page was a drawing Dietrich drew for a family Holiday Card. Cartoons above and below are various drawings done by Dietrich through the years for the San Francisco Chronicle and various columns and articles.




Bird and Bug Cartoon

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