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The Henry J. Dietrich Collection

The Henry J. Dietrich Collection
fantasy image two ladies knight on a horse people at a party
lady in a garden children in a classroom children in a classroom #2 fish swimming
people at a party man with scissors butterfly and animal boat out at sea with gulls
shepherd with animal lady with bird 3 fish lady getting a tan

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Copyright and Authentication

The images on this web site are the exclusive property of  Thomas D. Lonner, M. Elizabeth Ward, and other current owners of the original paintings. Any use or reproduction of any of these images without permission is grounds for legal and financial action, both in United States and internationally.  These online images may be used for your informational purposes in examining images but may not be increased in image size or used for any purpose but noncommercial educational uses, by written permission.

The Henry J. Dietrich paintings and drawings presented by the Dietrich Collection are original and one-of-a-kind.  Their authenticity is established through his signature, placement against his other paintings, his sketchbooks, preliminary versions, newspaper gallery show reviews, and domestic and museum show photographs.   The rights to their use and/or reproduction are retained exclusively by their owners. 

The location of approximately 90 percent of all Henry J. Dietrich paintings extant in the United States since 1947 is known and a photographic archive and database is being constructed and maintained of his work.  Should you have any doubt or concern about the authenticity of a Henry J. Dietrich painting, drawing, print, poster, or cartoon, please contact the Dietrich Collection for assistance.

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